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Quercus Alba – Limited Edition Whisky

Quercus Alba – Limited Edition Whisky

46% ABV 700ml
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Limited edition single cask single malt

'For those who like chewing on a pencil' - Mat Thomson. 

Quercus Alba is the Latin name for 'American white oak' and this limited edition whisky is packed with oaky flavour. During the selection process our head distiller said 'for those who like chewing on a pencil'. The heavy char on the virgin oak cask has activated rich tannins, dark toffee and deep wood flavours. We think it's a little reminiscent of the heavy tannic oak notes in American whisky. If you love oak, this release is for you. 

The liquid inside is Manuka Smoke single malt, one of our most identifiable flavour profiles and a signature of our distillery. It's made using locally grown malt that has been smoked with native Manuka wood, mashed, fermented and then double distilled through the Thomson all copper pot stills. The spirit offers an interesting black tea note along with the typical Manuka oils. 

Quercus Alba is limited to 274 bottles only.


Cask: Heavily charred virgin American oak barrel - our first and only cask of this kind. 

Liquid: New Zealand Manuka Smoke single malt. 

Tasting notes: Vanilla, black tea, clove and Manuka oils. Rich tannins, dark toffee, deep wood. 

Headcount: 274 bottles only - limited edition. When it's gone, it's gone. 

ABV: 46%



NOTE: Pre-order now. Bottles will be dispatched on Thurs 8 May 2024. 

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